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Whether you are looking for health insurance cover, advice, or simply shopping for a quote, please contact me for a free friendly chat with no pressure to buy. I want to help people, if that means there is another product that suits you better, than I will happily help you find it. However, in the meantime why not use one of the following ways to connect with me and give yourself the chance to find the best possible options.

Call/text: 817 875 9134

Email: michael.johnson@ushadvisors.com


Facebook: USHEALTH GROUP or Michael Johnson

Website: https://hope-health-insurance-agent-usa.business.site/?m=true


I am excited to hear from you!




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What HOPE can do for you?


HOPE is a collective family that wants to help you. We are available to listen and offer support. Please ask your questions below and our little hopeful elves will be in touch as soon as possible. In the meantime, please remember you are not alone. Warm hugs from us.

Greetings HOPE family


HOPE is a place to celebrate our uniqueness, quirkiness and differences in our own kooky way. Here you will find NO judgements, no expectations, no normal. We are all magical MIS-FITS, here to embrace one another in love, kindness and harmony.

Be Raw with us.

Hand to heart.

Heart to soul.

Without words.

We hear you.


A hopeful healer is born

Let us find ourselves together.

Welcome Dear Hopefuls,

Today, a new world is emerging. We are a part of its beautiful growth so join me on a journey of hope, healing and help.

With Love.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton